River Educator, Vol 1, No 1 (2009)

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My 10 most memorable moments in Rocky River:

My Ten Most Memorable Moments in Rocky River

Marianne Winemiller

Retired Principal of Goldwood Primary School


1)      Being hired as a first grade teacher in 1974 – thank you, John Roodhuyzen and Gordon Rodeen!

2)      Surviving my first year of teaching at Bates School

3)      Receiving a book of letters from the students in my first class as a retirement present in 2009 – thank you, Jackie Betts (former student who initiated this     project)!

4)      Watching many of my students grow-up, become successful, contributing adults, and return to Rocky River so that their children could attend our schools

5)      Being given a variety of professional career opportunities in River, including administering programs for students from preschool through adulthood

6)      Returning to teaching first grade at Goldwood after the birth of my son and, as a sleep-deprived mom, surviving only because of the extraordinary support from Jean Rounds and the first grade team

7)      Witnessing the exceptional dedication of the Goldwood parents and staff members, even during challenging times, like 9/11

8)      Mrs. Winemiller Day (June 4) at Goldwood, and my wonderful retirement party

9)      Receiving the keys to Goldwood from Bonnie DeLisio, former Principal, in July 2002

10)  Giving the same set of keys to Jennifer Norman in July, 2009


Thank you all for 35 amazing years!


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